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Commercial Fire Protection Tips

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Fire safety is a prime concern for commercial properties because it ensures the safety of the occupants and property. Fire safety is not something taken lightly. Commercial properties have to comply with strict fire safety regulations if they want to be inhabited. Making sure that the property satisfies all the fire safety regulations can be an overwhelming task. But it is not something that should be ignored at any cost. MMJSS safety is a reliable fire protection company in Dubai. It specializes in all disciplines of fire protection and can make sure that the property is perfectly secure against possible fire threats.
Here are a few commercial fire safety tips that are helpful in avoiding a fire hazard.

  • Install fire detection system: Technology has advanced a lot and nowadays there are tools available that can help in preventing a fire accident. There are highly efficient and sophisticated fire detection systems available that can alert the residents of danger, allowing them to take timely action and avoiding damage. The fire detection systems comprise components such as fire alarms and smoke detectors. Even little smoke can set off alarms making sure that people become aware of the danger and are able to get to safety. Every commercial property should invest in a fire detection system as they play a major role in keeping everyone safe.
  • Awareness: All the residents of a commercial property should understand the importance of fire safety and safety protocols put in place. Installing a fire safety system is not enough unless the residents understand its importance. To create awareness the property owner can arrange drills or call contact local fire protection service. They can teach them about the importance of fire security and also tell them how to get to safety in case of an accident. People need to be aware of the emergency exits and know the steps they need to take to keep the smoke out of their room. With proper awareness and training, people will not panic and they can extinguish small fires and prevent them from spreading. The people should be trained towards exits even if they see a tiny spark or little bit of smoke because fire always starts small but it can spread in a matter of minutes.
  • Clear emergency exits: Every commercial building needs to have emergency exits. It is never safe to use an elevator during a fire as they can stop and trap you. Most commercial properties make the mistakes of using those escapes as storage spaces. The emergency exits should always be clear and every individual inside the building must know about the exits. There should be a glowing sign indicating these exits so that people can clearly see it.
  • Fire sprinklers: Fire extinguishers are useful but to offer better safety it is better to install fire sprinklers along with extinguishers. The extinguishers can be used just in one place at a time whereas sprinklers are connected to smoke and are automatically activated in case there is smoke. Fire sprinklers are helpful in minimizing the damage and effectively managing small fires.
  • Smoking zone policy: The commercial building should be strict about the smoking zones. These zones should be monitored carefully so that there is no carelessness. If there is trouble establishing strict smoking zones then it is better to have a no smoking policy in the building.

It is not possible to completely rule out a fire accident but preparing for the hazard is important because they are preventable. MMJSS is an excellent fire and safety company in Dubai as it has all the tools and expertise to help in preventing fire hazards.

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