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Expo 2020 to Bring UAE CCTV Market to Record Highs

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Dubai Expo 2020 is not just an exhibition but also a fuel to the UAE’s economy. Different sectors of the country will benefit from the Expo. One such industry includes the CCTV market. It can reach up to $194 billion by 2023.

The high-tech and futuristic security system of Expo 2020 are already gaining attention all over the world. How the site is secured - with thousands of cameras and a network of security personnel - is quite remarkable.

World-Class Security

The Expo 2020 security system follows the best practices to form a high-tech and reliable project. Moreover, cutting-edge technology and thousands of CCTV cameras will surround the Expo site.

The huge network of security equipment and CCTV cameras will prevent crimes and accidents. Furthermore, they will also be helpful in dispatching security personnel in times of emergency.

A few years ago, UAE-based IT consultants argued that the country lacks advanced technology infrastructure to support CCTV projects. However, UAE proved its competency by establishing one of the strongest security systems. Years of planning and testing were spent to establish this system. Moreover, the security system is also undergoing improvements and upgrades for future projects. This is because UAE will also use the security system of Expo 2020 in the future projects of Dubai.

Undoubtedly, the security system of Expo 2020 will be the inspiration for developing secure future cities all over the world.

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