Fire Protection for Restaurants in Dubai

Fire Protection for Restaurants in Dubai

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Restaurants are one of the riskiest places in terms of fire accidents and emergencies. Extremely hot temperatures, gas leakage, flammable items, and minor accidents in kitchens can cause disastrous grease fires. Luckily, there are several ways to prevent fire incidents with the installation of fire protection equipment and emergency planning. According to the Dubai Statistics Center (DSC), leakage of gas has taken 6 lives from 2018 to 2020. Whereas cooking accidents claimed 13 lives in the same period. The fires also caused property damage and loss of working opportunities for many.

But thanks to the fire protection systems and rules in the UAE, more steps are being taken to completely eradicate these accidents. Businesses and workplaces, especially restaurants are required to incorporate fire protection systems in their buildings to minimize life loss and property damage.

If your restaurant also needs reliable and durable Fire Protection System Suppliers in UAE, MMJ Security and Safety can help you. We offer numerous fire protection and emergency help systems that can help save lives in your restaurant. Get in touch today and start working. We offer fire protection system installation and maintenance in Dubai.

Fire Protection System in UAE

If you want to protect your restaurant and workers from devastating fires, installing proper fire protection equipment is necessary. Here are different protection systems that MMJ Security and Safety offer for restaurants:

Tips for Fire-related Emergencies in UAE Restaurants

In addition to installing fire protection system, it is also important to train your staff and workers on how to deal with emergencies. All restaurant staff should be offered basic knowledge of first aid and fire prevention, especially the kitchen staff.

  • Never throw water on a grease fire, rather use a Class K fire extinguisher.
  • Always keep the PASS (Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Shift) technique in mind when using the extinguisher.
  • Always keep emergency exits clear
  • Call emergency services as soon as possible

You can trust MMJ security and safety to provide durable and heavy-duty fire protection systems in the UAE. Contact now to schedule a meeting.

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