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Fire Safety Tips After Purchasing a New Home

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Home is the best place to feel more comfortable ever. So, it is to be protected. The first thing that you probably think about when you purchase a new house is fire protection. Fire protection is an extremely important concern, particularly in the home. Yet there are more fire accidents and deaths at home than anywhere else.

6 measures to boost domestic fire protection

Fire Safety, particularly in the household of the family – read our six steps to prevent serious house fires:

  1. Fix a Smoke Alarm
  2. Smoke sensors should be mounted at all levels of your home to monitor the increase in fire smoke. They need to be put inside either bedroom or common areas or immediately outside it. Consider mounting smoke detectors 10 meters from every kitchen appliance to avoid false alarms during cooking. You want to look for more detectors in hallways and escalators if you have a bigger house. The easiest way is to add fumes detectors that can be attached so that you can hear the alarm anywhere you are.

  3. Cook with Care
  4. Almost two-thirds of all fires happen due to the kitchen is being labeled as the home's most unsafe spot. There are many options to increase the fire safety level in your kitchen, most of which need you to stand back and think about it more.

    What you should know more about home cooking safety?

    • Be alert! Don't use the microwave or stovetop if you're asleep or if you've drunk alcohol.
    • Stay in the kitchen if you are roasting boil or broil food.
    • Check daily, keep it in the kitchen while you are cooking while you're cooking, or bake, or roast food and use a timer to remind you that you are cooking.
    • Keep something you can take away from your stovetop – fireplaces, wooden utensils, food packaging, towels or curtains.
  5. Check Electronics
  6. Home electric fires can occur when wires are improperly wired or when circuits have been overloaded.

    • Lights splitting or dimming
    • Switches or exchanges heated to the touch
    • Switches or outlets with a pungent smell
    • Farmed strings, outlets, and switching panels
    • Blown fuses or circuit breakers are repeated
  7. Have an escape plan ready
  8. If a house fire happens, you will have less than two minutes to be safe. This is why it's so vital for everyone in your family to get away from a fire. Create an escape plan. This is the safest way to evacuate the house in the event of a fire: make sure the exit is always open. This graph can be used to map the plan of your home and plan your escape routes. If doors are double locked at any time everyone should be aware of where the keys are kept. Every member of a family should know two ways to flee your home from every room.

  9. Consider Fire Safety an Important one
  10. Fire can cause considerable danger. It can kill workers or visitors or seriously injure them and can harm or destroy structures, equipment, or stocks. If your new house is inspected, all possible fire risks, such as old wiring, loose insulation or affected devices should be known to you. You can employ a contractor to fix the deficiency immediately if you find any of these issues.

    Fire prevention and fire protection are extremely important in order to safeguard your family, particularly when entering a new home. You'll keep your loved ones and the new house secure by taking the time to build a fire safety plan for an outdoor meeting place and exert appropriate fire prevention.

  11. Invest in Fire Safety Products
  12. Fire extinguishers, Fire Alarms, and fire blankets can be used in homes and should be used, but you know exactly how to use them or need to get advice. They can cause injuries if you use them incorrectly. Purchase Fire Safety products from MMJSS Dubai, we have a collection of fire safety equipment available. We supply, fix, test, and do maintenance in a period.

Fire Protection Services from MMJSS

MMJSS has been a trusted source for the installation, testing, service, and maintenance of fire safety solutions to the UAE since 2007. MMJSS are the leaders in the installation, testing, and monitoring of fire safety systems for major construction projects and also protected many big projects with our quality products. We developed a number of fire extinguishers, fire systems, and maintainers to address our customers' various challenges. Contact us to secure your home from Fire Disasters.

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