how to avoid the most common fire safety violations & fines

How To Avoid the Most Common Fire Safety Violations & Fines

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Business owners must ensure regulation of fire safety and emergency help in their workplace. It is really important to take steps to prevent such accidents from happening to ensure maximum security of your staff and workplace. Listed below are some of the common fire safety violations and fines in Dubai. Common fire safety violations

Carelessness in maintaining safety equipment and conducting safety tests can lead to a great loss. But you can avoid such mishaps and prevent facing charges or fines - with proper fire safety in Dubai. Here are some common reasons for fire safety violations and fines:

  • Expired fire extinguishers
  • Fire extinguishers are must-have equipment in all sorts of organizations. But it’s not just enough to buy them and put them up in the building, you must also train your staff on how to use them. You must also replace the extinguishers after their due date.

  • No emergency exits
  • All buildings must be built with emergency exit ways in all possible directions. Many buildings do follow this rule. However, most of the time, garbage or furniture is blocking the emergency exits. This can be problematic in times of emergency since there will be no way to get out.

  • No emergency lighting
  • All firms and buildings must install emergency exit signs so people are aware of where to go. No doubt, most of the buildings have such signs installed; but there is no setup for emergency lighting to help people navigate in case of a power outage.

  • No emergency training
  • The UAE law obligates all organizations to arrange regular drills and training to prepare employees for emergencies. Employees must receive regular training on responding to first aid or fire emergencies. Furthermore, improper maintenance of safety equipment also leads to a lot of fines and violations. So if you want to avoid such problems, take proper care and make sure you avoid all of the above-mentioned issues. For help on installation or maintenance of fire equipment, consult MMJ Security and Safety, one of the leading UAE companies for fire and safety.

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