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How To Refill And Dispose Of an Expired Fire Extinguisher

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The fire protection system installed in your building in Dubai and worldwide must be maintained properly to ensure the safety of the residents. A fire or harmful smoke can prove to be hazardous for health and can cause property damage as well.

A fire extinguisher is an important component of the Fire Alarm System and protection system. A standard procedure has been devised for refilling and discarding these components. It must be followed for ensuring the safety of everyone around you.

How frequently should you refill a Fire Extinguisher?

The most commonly used type of fire extinguisher is a dry chemical fire extinguisher. It is one of the vital components of a fire safety system. The fire extinguishers must be ready for use all the time to minimize damage during a fire outbreak.

There are two instances in which fire extinguishers need to be refilled such as:
  1. Immediately after each use
  2. A fire extinguisher needs to be refilled after every use even if the extinguishing agent inside has not been used completely. This is due to the fact that any amount of discharge results in leakage and the pressure is lost.

  3. Periodically throughout the life of an extinguisher
  4. Even if the fire extinguishers are not used, they must be refilled at six and twelve years after manufacturing. This is done to maintain the effectiveness of the extinguishing agent inside.

  5. Recharg due to damage
  6. If an extinguisher is damaged due to breakage or other environmental factors, it requires a refill

How to dispose of an expired fire extinguisher?

To get rid of an expired extinguisher, you must contact your nearest fire protection company in Dubai. They will guide you on how to dispose of it without causing any harm to the people handling it. This component is then recycled by expert professionals for reuse.

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