How to Choose the Right Fire Extinguisher for Oil and Gas Facilities

The Right Fire Extinguisher for Oil and Gas Facilities

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Although fire extinguishers appear to be the same, several types of extinguishers are intended to put out different sorts of flames; having the correct sort of fire extinguisher for your demands is essential for preserving lives and possessions and being prepared if a fire breaks out.

Here are three key aspects to look for when selecting the best fire extinguisher for your requirements.


What kinds of dangers are you up against?

The sorts of fire dangers in your house or company will help you identify what kind of fire would be most likely to begin. Most fire dangers are typical combustible materials, flammable liquids such as oil or gas, or electrical gadgets and equipment.

Fire extinguishers are classed according to the sort of fire they can put out. Older fire extinguishers feature colorful geometrically formed labels that identify their category; however contemporary extinguishers include graphics that depict the risks, they may extinguish.

  • Ordinary combustible materials (paper, cloth, wood)
  • Ordinary combustible materials (paper, cloth, wood) Cooking oils (vegetable oil, animal fat)
  • Electrical equipment (appliances, tools)
  • Flammable liquids (grease, gasoline, oil)
  • Flammable metals 

Many extinguishers designated for home and office usage are multi-purpose, which means they are suitable. 

What's the UL categorization?

The UL rating is also shown on the extinguisher sticker. The Underwriters Laboratory (UL) tests all extinguishers for safety and effectiveness. These numeric values allow us to compare the striking efficacy of different fire extinguishers. In other words, the numbers indicate how much of the fire the extinguishers can put out.

What size do you require?

Fire extinguishers must be large enough to efficiently extinguish an early-stage fire, but not so massive and hefty that they are difficult to be used by the average person. When choosing the correct size extinguisher, take the size of the space in mind and how rapidly the fire may spread, given the threats in the near vicinity.

The following are some of the most popular extinguisher sizes seen in homes and businesses:

  • 10-pound: Ideal for business buildings, factories, and facilities such as workshops or garages where hazardous items may be present.
  • 5 pounds: Ideal for the standard workplace and residential areas.
  • 2-pound: Ideal for automobiles or vehicles

Learn the proper way to use a fire extinguisher.

Remember that no matter what kind of fire extinguisher you choose, learning how to use it correctly is essential for its efficacy. Make careful to instruct yourself and your staff on how to use a fire extinguisher appropriately.

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