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10 Fire Safety Tips for Home

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Fire accidents are dangerous as they can result in serious property damage and loss of life. Fire safety should always be a priority for homeowners as most of the fire accidents are preventable. MMJSS is among the best fire and safety companies in Dubai and can help in providing effective and reliable safety solutions to keep the house safe from fires. The company has a skilled and qualified team that specializes in installations, commissioning, and maintenance of safety equipment. Here are a few fire and safety tips that can help in keeping your house safe.

  • Careful cooking:
  • Most of the house fires start in the kitchen. A kitchen is a vulnerable place because it is full of cooking equipment. Cooking with care can help in avoiding fire accidents. It is important to keep a close eye on the food while cooking. Never leave the stove on for a long time without checking on it. Whenever you are cooking always keep the lid of the pan nearby and if it catches fire then immediately cover it. It will prevent it from spreading. It is better to wear short sleeves or roll them up while cooking so that they do not accidentally catch fire. Keep everything inflammable away from the stove.
  • Install smoke alarms:
  • Installing smoke alarms in every room is a smart choice because the alarms increase the chances of survival in case of a fire. Investing in a connected smoke alarm sets off loud alarms even if it detects a little bit of smoke and alerts the residents of the danger.
  • No smoking zone:
  • Smoking is among the leading causes of house fires. Having a no-smoking rule in the house is effective in avoiding a fire accident. Smoking in the bed is extremely dangerous as the bedsheets and the furniture are flammable and even a tiny spark can lead to a big disaster.
  • Inspecting fireplaces and wood stoves:
  • If you have a wood stove or a fireplace then clean it thoroughly annually. If they are not cleaned then soot will keep gathering in the chimney resulting in a fire. With time cracks can appear in the chimney bricks and they can lead to a fire. The rusting in the stove is also dangerous. If the fireplace has glass doors then keep them open while making fire.
  • Quality power strip:
  • Nowadays houses are full of electrical appliances and gadgets and all of them need batteries or power to function. Never compromise on quality while selecting a power strip for them. Always buy the one that is Underwriters Laboratory rated. Take a look at the wattage it is rated for before plugging anything in.
  • Avoid using candles:
  • Candles do create a beautiful ambiance but they also pose a danger. To avoid a fire accident it is important to make sure there are no open flames. You can replace the candles with electric ones as they are less likely to start a fire.
  • Fire extinguishers:
  • There should be at least one fire extinguisher near the fireplace, furnace, or kitchen. Keep them at a safe distance from fire hazard but it should not be out of reach. Space heaters placement: Space heaters are commonly used in houses and if not used carefully can become the cause of a house fire. They should be placed at a safe distance from anything flammable like drapes, clothes, bedding, etc.
  • Have an escape plan:
  • Taking safety precautions is essential but make sure you have a plan to get out of the house so everyone can get to safety. Create a fire escape plan and carry out drills so every resident is familiar with the plan.
  • Educate kids:
  • If there are kids in the house it is important to educate them about fire safety. Children tend to hide when they are scared which can be dangerous in case of a fire. Make sure they understand the importance of getting out and are aware of emergency numbers.

MMJSS has the best fire protection equipment and can assist in making sure that your house is adequately protected against such serious hazard.

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