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What to Expect During Fire Alarm Inspection?

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Every building must be protected by a fire alarm system to ensure the safety of its residents and property. A Fire Alarm Installation in Dubai is followed by a repetitive maintenance process. This helps in making sure that the alarm system is working efficiently to avoid any possible crisis.

Fire Alarm Inspection Types

MMJSS is leading fire and safety company offers the best Fire Alarm Maintenance services in Dubai and performs the following types of inspections:

  • Visual Inspection
  • Fire Alarm Companies in UAE and all across the globe follow standard procedures for carrying out an inspection of their safety alarm systems. The visual inspection is carried out by observing the equipment and parts closely and look for any existing problems. The types of visual inspection include the following:

    1. Weekly Inspections:
    2. During weekly inspections, control panels, and other equipment components such as power supplies, fuses, LEDs, and trouble signals are examined.
    3. Semi-annual Inspections:
    4. The batteries are inspected on monthly basis to defect corrosion which may lead to a short circuit.
    5. Annual Visual Inspection:
    6. All the components of the fire security system are examined on yearly basis to ensure the safety of the building.
  • Testing
  • The functionality of the fire protection and safety systems is also checked to make sure that they are working correctly.

    What happens during a Fire Alarm Inspection?

    The initial step is to inform the fire department about the test run of fire protection systems. The technical team examines all the below mentioned components to ensure that everything is working effectively.

    1. Heat and smoke detectors
    2. Zones and annunciators
    3. Batteries
    4. Activations and relays
    5. Low-pressure alarms
    6. Flow and tamper switches
    7. Control valves

    How long does it take to Inspect a Fire Alarm System?

    The duration of the inspection process depends upon the sie of the property and the number of installed units of the fire protection system. It may range from a few hours to a few days.

    Building managers can inspect the system but it is better to hire professionals. MMJSS is an excellent Fire Alarm System Suppliers in UAE offering superior services to its esteemed customers. Get in touch with us for fire and safety company in UAE

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