“To Empower and Protect Life and Property Through Innovative Solutions”

Who We are

MMJ Security and Safety is a specialist design and build Fire Protection Company covering all disciplines of fire prevention and detection specialized in the field of Fire and Security Systems. Founded in 2007, by a group of technocrats with rich and varied expertise & experience in the Industry, MMJ has grown to be a premier institution with its head office in Dubai

We are certified to the internationally recognized quality control standard ISO: 9001:2008 with our procedures and systems externally audited every twelve months. Providing world class fire protection for world class structures, no matter how large, is what our clients expect. High rise Buildings, Hotels, Museums; Educational Institutions, Manufacturing Industries are among the unique challenges encountered that require both expertise and creativity.

Our People

The company is led by a group of highly qualified experienced and quality conscious team, with rich and extensive exposure in Fire, Safety & Security Engineering, Project Management, Procurement and allied professions. We specialized in installation, commissioning and maintaince, different types of fire protection and security systems with excellent customer service, affordable prices and many other competitive advantages. We have managed to build a good reputation in the market.

We take you through every step of the way from planning and design to installation and commissioning, ultimately offering service and maintenance contract to ensure continued compliance throughout the life of the system. We have multi-skilled, engineers capable of installing the systems we provide to the highest Standards and Codes of Practices.

In order to provide the best choice & and the latest technology to our Clients, we at MMJ, are always on the lookout for new Business Associations & Partnerships.

MMJ Security & Safety is known for its creativity, Innovation and reliability, is having proven its competence in diverse and challenging assignments & Projects and commitment to schedules. We excel in providing a total service package including, but not limited to.

Core Values


  • We maintain a 100% honest approach in everything we do.
  • We deliver what we promise despite any adverse circumstances.
  • We take accountability of everything we say and do.
  • We ensure reliability on all our deadlines & agreements.
  • We maintain effective & open communication with the customers.


  • We are committed in providing the best services and be the game changer.
  • We always give foremost priority to our customers.
  • We always meet the client expectations in any circumstances.
  • We always maintain a positive attitude.
  • We challenge ourselves by stepping out of our comfort zones.

Team Work

  • We value teamwork and always work cohesively.
  • We achieve the best quality work by collective & unparalleled support.
  • We focus on the development and growth of ourselves & team members.
  • We work together, cross boundaries and deliver premium performance.
  • We influence our clients with our unanimous team spirit and collaborative skills.


  • We evolve constantly and deliver innovations.
  • We bring creativity by thinking out of the box.
  • We think smart to optimize results.
  • We are willing to take risks, learn and grow
  • We take both failure & success as experiences and learn from them.


  • We pride ourselves in delivering high-quality
  • work and exceptional services.
  • We ensure prompt & efficient communication
  • with superior customer experience.
  • We demand excellence in all our area
  • by challenging the statuesque.
  • We stretch & challenge our Goals, Strategies,
  • Process, services and actions.
  • We always question ourself “Am I a better
  • person than yesterday

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