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3 Signs You Need to Replace Your Fire Protection System

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The fire protection and safety systems are not designed to last for an indefinite time. At some point, these systems need to be replaced and upgraded. This is done to ensure that the people inside your commercial or residential property are safe during a fire or harmful gas emission.

The purpose of a fire protection system in Dubai and worldwide is to detect smoke and extinguish it to avoid property or health damage. It is extremely important that the fire protection system installed in your building comprises of all the basic components required for maxim protection.

Frequent testing and inspection are also carried out to ensure the working of all the fire protection equipment.

  • Signs you need to replace your fire protection system
  • If the performance quality of the fire alarm and protection system components has deteriorated with time, then you must take action to upgrade or replace it. The signs to look for while visual inspection and testing your fire protection systems include the following:

  • The system/component has expired
  • The fire safety and fire protection system in Dubai and worldwide is an integrated combination of several components. This equipment worlds together to detect smoke or harmful gases and extinguish it before it proves to be harmful to people residing in the building.

    Each part of the system has an expiry date and if you haven’t upgraded your equipment for a long time, you must replace your system for the best performance.

    The working of the fire alarm and protection system cannot be compromised as it can lead to a prominent crisis and cause damage to property.

    You must keep a check on the expiration dates of the components and plan an upgrade on time to stay protected.

    Corrosion and leaks in sprinklers, clogged pipes, and outdated equipment can lead to a higher risk of damage where a fire breaks.

  • Frequent repairs needed
  • Every alarm and fire protection system requires maintenance and repairs on a monthly or annual basis. The alarming situation arises when the repairs become so frequent that the working and performance of the system is affected.

    Due to the frequent lags in the system, the alarm may fail to detect a fire or a harmful gas. This can prove to be a big damage to the people and property of the building.

    It is mandatory to keep a close check on the repairs and their periodicity to figure out when the system needs to be replaced completely.

    Replacing a fire protection system requires a heavy budget but it saves the money spent on daily repairs.

  • Increase in the company size
  • If your business is expanding and the size of the company has increased over time, then you will need to upgrade the fire alarm and protection as well. This is done to ensure that all the key areas of the building and all the residents or employees are protected well from crisis due to fire or smoke.

    The volume of fire protection system components and equipment is directly proportional to the number of people it needs to protect. So, in case of downsizing as well the system needs to be replaced.

    The fire code and protocol followed during an emergency situation also changes according to the number of people working at your company.

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