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Fire Safety & Security Precautions in Dubai EXPO 2020 At INTERSEC Exhibition

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As Dubai gets ready to welcome millions of visitors in the next six months to the EXPO 2020, security and safety concerns continue to grow. EXPO 2020 is a technologically advanced and futuristic exhibition with a huge reliance on IT and AI. So how exactly will the United Arab Emirates deal with the security or safety of visitors? In 2020, UAE saw a 250% increase in cyberattacks, according to the head of Government Cyber Security. Undoubtedly, with the use of cutting-edge technologies - like 5G, AR, IoT, AI, and big data - the risks of cyber attacks are also high.

So, Expo 2020 has partnered with companies like Siemens, Cisco, Etisalat, and many others to deliver a safe and secure site with smart infrastructure.

Many functions like air conditioning, energy use, elevators, and fire alarms will be “smart” devices that work on data collected to ensure the safety and security of visitors.

A lot of research and efforts have been made to provide the best level of safety in all cases at the EXPO 2020. According to Engr. Salma Hamid Saeed - the head of Drawings at Dubai Civil Defense GHQ - fire engines and apparatuses have been set up to respond within 4 minutes of an emergency.

The implementation of these protocols started in 2016. This shows how much planning and effort have been put into ensuring proper fire-fighting networks. EXPO 2020 will also include the Intersec exhibition with more than 56 countries as participants.

Intersec Exhibition

Intersec is the largest exhibition on security, safety, and fire protection, where innovative minds, the general public, and government agencies come together to share their creativity and prepare for future hurdles.

The 23rd edition of Intersec will be present in the EXPO 2020 with more than 1100 exhibitors showcasing ideas for fire & rescue, security, safe & health, and much more.

Many leading fire safety and security companies of the UAE will also be a part of this exhibition. MMJ Security and Safety will also be present with our latest technology and innovative ideas to make UAE safer and more secure.

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