MMJ offers A fire alarm system is number of devices working together to detect and warn people.

Best Fire Alarm System in UAE | Fire Alarm Installation Company in Dubai, UAE

MMJ Security and Safety is best fire alarm company in Dubai. We offer A fire alarm system is a number of devices working together to detect and warn people through visual and audio appliances when smoke, fire, carbon monoxide, or other emergencies are present.

What Is Fire Alarm System?

Today, we all are witnessing about the development of our world day by day, Through this, we are faced and now facing too many disasters results in modernizing our world. Fire is one of the death catching disaster ever. Fire is a monster that engulfs everything rapidly. Fire Alarms Systems are an essential component of any building’s security system and caution people from possible smoke, fire, and gas leakage. Here, MMJ is here to
help you from this misery situation. Get a Fire Alarm system from MMJ, Escape from disasters. MMJ programmed Fire Alarm System in Dubai to alert us to an emergency so that we can take measures to protect ourselves, our staff, and the general public. Now, Fire alarms are being used in companies, warehouses, and public buildings, At present, they became part of our daily routine, So, diminish the cause of fires with the first quality Fire alarm from the best safety partner MMJ. Our technical experts at MMJ Security and Safety are extremely handy and experienced in the installation of Fire Alarm Systems and Fire Fighting Systems Maintenance in the UAE.

Our Major Fire Alarm System Services Include :

  • Designing and manufacturing of high-quality fire alarm systems 
  • Installation of new alarm systems
  • Fire alarm inspection
  • AMC Fire Alarm Systems
  • Modification of existing fire alarm systems 
  • Maintenance of fire alert systems
  • Upgradation and repairing 

We are the Best Fire Alarm System Suppliers in UAE for both residential and commercial sites. Our fire alarm systems in Dubai comprise of are high performing components with unparalleled quality.
Our proactive Fire alarm system Suppliers at MMJ are available for a visit within the first 24 hours of installation to cater to any issues, concerns, or queries. We aim to keep your office or home premises risk-free by providing you with services and equipment that are exceptional.

Benefits Of Fire Alarm System in UAE

Installing a high-quality fire alarm system is the first step to protecting lives and property from the effects of fires. Fire alarms are products that have been proven to save lives and are one of the best investments that company and companies can make. Often known as a smoke alarm, a fire alarm essentially emits a sound, whether it is a whistle, siren, or buzzer, as an alert or notification that a fire has occurred on the premises. Choose MMJ, the right fire protection company and best service provider in UAE, Pick out the finest quality fire alarm system for securing your life and premises.

Get in touch with us and get your customized fire alarm system designed and installed at your building according to your preferred requirements.

Our Fire Alarm System Components

Installation of a fire alarm system in UAE is mandatory for detecting fires, smoke, heat to avoid possible consequences. Our fire alarm systems comprise of various components that work together to notify people about the fire of gas leakage inside a building. These components include:

    1. Fire Detection And Notification System

Our fire detectors installed in various locations across the designated building are known for their ability to detect smoke, fire, or leakage of any fatal gases with efficiency. The notification systems designed by our skilled professionals are programmed in such a manner that each individual on the premises of the building can be notified about the alarm via announcements or emergency lighting systems. Our battery-operated detectors are independent of electric supply and can notify about rapid temperature elevation in the premises at all times.

  1. Harmful Gas Detection

Our amazing fire alarm systems are equipped with the latest technology and they detect the emission of harmful gases successfully. These gases include :

    • Ammonia
    • Carbon Monoxide
    • Sulfur Dioxide
    • Hydrogen Chloride
    • Nitrogen Dioxide
    • Nitric Oxide
    • Hydrogen, etc.
  1. Extinguishant Control System

The reliable extinguishant control system by MMJ security and safety comprises of the best equipment perfect for risky situations.

  1. Voice Evacuation System

The PAVA system installed in your building is responsible for notifying every individual inside the building about the fire so that the vicinity can be evacuated on time.

    1. Fire Rated Cables

Our high-quality fire rated cables are connected to the fire alarms for quick fire protection during an emergency.

  1. Emergency Lighting System

The emergency lighting system is customized at MMJ to fulfill the needs and demands of all property types and provide unprecedented protection during a fire or gas leakage.


Tips for installation of fire alarm systems in the UAE

The below-mentioned tips must be followed while choosing a fire alarm system in the UAE for ensuring maximum safety :

  • Alarms must be placed inside and outside every sleeping area
  • The fire alarms must be tested and approved by a recognized source
  • Detectors must be placed on all levels in a building
  • The alarms systems must be installed near stairways or inside the living room
  • The basement alarms must be placed near the stairs
  • The alarms must be installed 3 meters away from ay cooking appliances 
  • The fire alarm systems must be tested each month
  • Batteries must be replaced every 6 months

Why Choose MMJ Security and Safety for Fire Alam System Installation in UAE?

MMJ Security and Safety Group have proven itself as one of the best fire alarm system suppliers in the UAE. We have been serving our esteemed customers since 2007 with our highly skilled team of professionals in the field of designing, installing, repairing, and testing fire alarms and security systems. 

We are an experienced team that takes the weight of dealing with the AMC Fire Alarm System off your shoulders. When the client enters into this AMC Fire alarm system, our professionals help them by providing the quotation details and our well-qualified Service Engineers will carry out the fire alarm inspection procedure.

Our customer’s safety is our topmost priority and extensive testing is done to ensure that the fire alarm systems are successful in detecting fire, smoke, heat and harmful gases effectively and efficiently. Our innovative approach, reliable performance, and high competence have made us a leading fire and safety company in UAE with outstanding fire alarm installation services and comprehensive solutions.

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