MMJ Security and Safety are one of the foremost fire fighting company in Dubai. We unite in Experience, proficiency, and professionalism.

At MMJSS, we offer various fire safety equipment and blends with excellent service for the installation and supply of safety equipment. Fire entrusts a consequential risk to your business or home. It spreads very fast, if not controlled properly, It can steer the way to fire disaster, We at MMJSS is #1 fire fighting companies in UAE we help you to overcome these lives threaten undertakings. Our main aim is to prevent fire and explosions and provide safety to people’s lives.

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Our Fire Fighting System Services in UAE

Get first-class fire fighting equipment

Ensure your safety with MMJ Security and Safety, we accept your fire emergencies, for that MMJSS dispenses a wide range of high-quality fire fighting products.

We offer a one-stop solution for the best fire fighting products in Dubai, such as Fire Extinguishers, Fire alarms, Automatic sprinklers systems, Gas suppression systems, spray systems, and foam systems, and more. If we go into more information about the products, we can further find that different types of fire extinguishers, fire suppression systems, fire hydrants are available for different purposes.

We provide AMC Fire Fighting Systems Maintenance to our clients, in which we upgrade fire safety equipment and systems installed in their premises and repair any flaws that may exist.

If your company is a fire risk, you need to check it and look for the best fire fighting solutions to guarantee your company’s safety. MMJSS Fire fighting Systems feel fortunate to present ourselves through our valuable products as the leading fire safety solution company.

Anticipate the fire disaster with our finest fire fighting products, our team of experts is always ready to serve valuable clients with exceptional service. Install fire fighting products on your home, office, schools, hospitals, etc. MMJSS is named as the best fire and Safety Company in Dubai, for providing outstanding services on supplying and installing the first-class rated fire fighting products.

Why Choose MMJSS For Fire Fighting System in Dubai, UAE?

Trust MMJSS for your safety

We have solutions for everything in case of fires, trust in MMJSS, we protect you from fire disasters. We are one of the most reliable  fire suppression system suppliers in Dubai We absolutely obtain all your needs and emergencies and deliver a complete solution. Our professionals solve your all issues at the very next moment. MMJSS has indulged to delivers the finest quality fire fighting and fire detecting services and products are perfectly customized in accordance with the needs of the customers.

MMJSS dispense complete and reliable fire fighting services in UAE altogether are combined to assure the client’s safety and other than we owe to provide the top and the best choice with advanced technology to our customers. We contend to provide satisfying levels of customer service and will advise you on all aspects of fire safety. Check out our website, you will reach our successful projects, MMJSS unbeatable products and systems are now being used in an Outlet mall in UAE, Meydan facilities in UAE, and so on. MMJSS is best fire fighting companies in Dubai will assist you through every step from planning to install the fire fighting products in your building. Our services are more concentrated on Client safety. We attain
to develop customer satisfaction and their life security, Customers are our main priority, and we from MMJSS will always there for your safety and your premises.

MMJSS Fire Fighting System

The MMJSS history goes back to 2007, as the best supplier of various fire fighting, fire protection, and fire detection systems, Our all products ensures magnificent performance and high reliability that executes in any case of fire emergencies. We provide first-quality fire fighting equipment, moreover, MMJSS is fire and safety companies in Dubai stands like a wall of fire security to many houses and commercial buildings.

We absolutely engaged in offering our safety service by installing different fire fighting systems in Dubai, and we also concentrated on fire alarm systems, security systemsfire protection systems, and fire fighting systems maintenance so on. The installation of this equipment is handled and maintained by our experienced team of professionals.

Check-out the different types of MMJ’s fire fighting products;

    1. Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers are one of the effective product to discard fire disasters. They are designed to intercept various types of fire.

Here at MMJSS, we dispense a comprehensive range of fire fighting services all-out in supplying, installing, and maintenance of all types of fire extinguishers and for your reference, just go through the different types of fire extinguishers given below;

• Foam Fire Extinguishers
• Water Fire Extinguishers
• Carbon-dioxide Fire Extinguishers
• Powder Fire Extinguishers
• Automatic Fire Extinguishers
• Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers

We analyze your environment and direct you to the rightmost type of fire extinguishers for your building and also, our professionals will install them at the most suitable location. We give instructions about how to use a fire extinguisher safely and effectively.

    1. Fire hydrants

Fire Hydrant is said to be a crucial piece of equipment in fire emergencies. It is inevitable to locate a fire hydrant system in a building. The Fire Hydrant system is a source of water and water flow distributed through pipes with adequate pressure to avoid unlimited fires. A fire hydrant is an effective measure of fire safety. We offer the best service in fire hydrant installation and maintenance in residential as well as in industrial applications. MMJSS is top fire fighting companies in UAE our service flow on different types of Fire Hydrants, they are dry risers and wet risers. A constant supply of water is held by the wet riser fire hydrant, and while a dry riser fire hydrant requires a valve to open to allow water in.

Fire Hydrants Features:
• Easy to install
• Low maintenance
• Cost-efficient
• Extreme tensile strength
• Corrosion resistance

    1. Fire Sprinkler System

Which type of fire sprinklers suits your business? Make your choice from MMJSS, we deliver you the most efficient and reliable fire sprinkler systems, we own different types of fire sprinkler systems for your Business, they named as;

• Wet pipe fire sprinkler system
• Dry Pipe Fire sprinkler system
• Foam Fire sprinkler system
• Pre-action Fire sprinkler system
• Deluge Fire Sprinkler system

Fire Sprinklers save our lives. They extinguish fires at an early time. Our Automatic fire sprinklers are of high class and well-maintained. It is an integral part of the comprehensive fire fighting strategy of a building. Select your appropriate fire sprinklers from us and our expert team will install your all needs for your business safety.

Get Fire Protected Now with MMJSS!

MMJ security and safety have proven as trusted hands in the fire and safety industry, we are one of the leading fire and safety in the UAE. Our main mission is to protect people’s lives from fire disasters. We deliver, install, and maintain high-quality fire protection, fire detection, and fire fighting systems. We continually aim to remain at the forefront of every aspect of supply, implementation, and monitoring in order to best serve our customers. We provide AMC Fire Fighting Systems Maintenance for commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential clients. Customer safety is our main priority, trust MMJSS, and acquire the foremost service from us.

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