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Fire Protection Measures for Schools

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At the end of the Covid-19 path, the world begins to see the normal life again. Schools are looking forward to a reopening and invite their children back to their classes with vaccination completed. However, school administrators and students should look after fire safety, it has a great deal to think about life safety in case of fire safety and also Covid 19 pandemic.

In academic environments, fire protection is critical, particularly when little children and teenagers are around. Whereas most schools in the UAE and elsewhere on a regular basis conduct fire protection exercises, little more may be done to strengthen the fire control infrastructure or effectively deter fire.

Why Fire Protection is Important in Schools?

Fire Protection is very much important in schools, when a large number of children are brought to one location when a fire occurs; it may affect them all, so school fire protection plays a crucial role. It is not just property damage, but even a huge loss of life will result from an uncontrolled fire.

For this obvious reason, school fire safety is important - tens or hundreds of children are present and fire can be very disastrous, irrespective of its scale. Most furniture, including desks, chairs, and tables, is made of fuel materials such as wood or plastic, as you know. The chemical laboratory comprises vast amounts of flammable liquids and is also a high-fire risk region. A fire will quickly be out of control in such a position and inflict significant damage in minutes. And worst, students demand their precious lives. For employees, students, and facilities to be safe, schools must have proper fire safety measures. Schools must install fire sprinklers, fire detectors, fire suppression devices, and all types of extinguishers depending upon their age of the buildings and design to avoid fire disasters.

Tips for School Fire Protection

It’s always a great idea to take a fresh look at the traditional fire safety policies. As one of the reputed fire and safety companies in Dubai, MMJSS. We here shared more useful safety tips to practice in schools for escaping from fire easily and to avoid big fire blow.

  1. Revise Fire Prevention Policies
  2. Fire protection is a complex mechanism that needs to be periodically examined in classrooms. In order to improve the fire-prevention policy in schools.

  3. Familiarize the Fire Protection Systems
  4. This is another task that teachers and staff can take care of effectively. Always check stairs and fire exits are not blocked, and all staff and children should aware have the fire protection systems installed in the School.

  5. Create an Evacuation Map
  6. In each classroom, display maps that specifically indicate two evacuation routes in the context of a school fire. Tell students that these areas must remain free of interruption at all times in the lobbies and stairs. Request your support to safeguard escape routes by employees.

  7. Practice Fire Drills Daily
  8. Despite how good you teach fire protection in classrooms, the teachings must be strengthened. Hold routine fire exercises once a month to familiarize students with the process of evacuation and escape routes. They can also be sent home with these protective skills.

  9. Empower your students
  10. Make it clear to your students why fire safety should always be practiced. Don't forget to tell how appreciated you are to follow the rules, act correctly and help your students. Your students will be proud to be a part of fire protection and safety activities because they realize that they experience something they might possibly serve them at college.

Fire Protection Services from MMJSS

Despite whether you need Fire Alarms, fire extinguishers, or an automated sprinkler device on your premises, MMJSS will protect your school by your requirement. Since 2007, we have safeguarded people and property from fire loss and experience in our good job! Our excellent client experience, experience, and professionalism have made us prominent.

Our systems have been independently audited every 12 months and are accredited according to globally recognized quality management and also MMJSS products have accepted ISO: 9001:2008. It is what our customers expect to provide first-class fire safety for buildings of world-class, no matter how big. High-level buildings, hotels, museums, schools, and manufacturing institutions are the only obstacles that demand experience and innovation.

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