fire and safety challenges in shopping malls

Fire Safety Challenges and Precautions in Shopping Malls and Retail Stores

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Whenever we feel tired or frustrated from our work life we prefer going outdoors and having fun. The first thing that comes to our mind in outdoors is shopping but most of us don’t worry about the fire and safety perspectives. Lately a lot of incidents have occurred worldwide in various shopping malls and retail stores which were related to fire and safety and were the reason for taking many important lives.

Even UAE a country known for its malls follows the National standards for fire and safety UAE. We know that malls are a place where you can find a lot of retail stores and food courts so its very difficult to overcome the situation of fire and safety. We cannot predict the incidents like fire but necessary steps must be taken to eradicate such kind of incident from the root and this is the best defensive practice we can take. Lets undergo a few preventive measures to avoid such life threatening situations.

  1. Fire control systems
  2. It is observed across the globe but most commonly in UAE that fire and safety company UAE ensure that they install the best available fire suppression systems in the malls. The system installed must be up to date and be capable of reducing the fire damage to its minimum.

  3. Emergency evasion
  4. Having an emergency exit can reduce the damage caused by fire especially where the density of people is high. Fire safety companies in UAE ensure that plan of a mall must have emergency exits as its also helps the consumer in the fire situation.

  5. Concern regarding the design of the building
  6. To ensure safety within the mall its necessary to put some thought process in design of the mall as whether its fire safe or not. In UAE the fire and security services provided by fire and safety company in UAE make sure that mall has the necessary ventilation and smoke extraction systems which ensures the safety of the customer in fire and safety situation.

  7. Fire safety curtains
  8. Not only does the fire curtains reduce the loss but also reduces the pace of spread of fire. This is a sought of preventive measure which has been used globally and in UAE as well. The fire and safety companies in UAE ensure to install such fire curtains across all the malls of UAE.

    MMJ is one of the most prestigious fire and security company in UAE. Founded in 2007 MMJ provides excellent fire protection to world class structures and don’t hold back from giving the best of there services. MMJ provides the services for malls like fire alarms system, engineering services, PAVA system, world class fire equipment and CCTV systems. Not only that MMJ contributed imaginative, dependable fire and security frameworks and quality ensured administrations for the establishment and conviction of the world class Dubai Outlet Mall.

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