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How Long Should Your Fire Alarm System Last

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Answering this question may not seem tricky but there’s not just one factor that is involved in making the fire alarm system work perfectly when needed. Let us look at some of the few factors that will help us in answering the question.

Fire Alarm System Regulations

Fire alarm systems need to follow some specific regulations for fire and safety situations and that’s the main reason why regular maintenance by a professional is necessary. Few regulations that Fire and Safety Company must follow are

  • When making fire alarm it must be ensured that it follows regional jurisdiction, regulations and guidelines
  • Regular inspection by fire alarms manufactures and they must make sure they follow best practices

Security system integration

This is one of the most important points to focus on whenever a fire alarm system is installed in a new building. It’s very important in a way that if the fire alarm system and security system are not integrated the residents or workers inside the building might not be notified of a possible fire and safety situation and that can put lives at risk. So, it’s necessary for fire and Safety Company to ensure security system integration.

Components of fire alarm system.

There isn’t just one component that needs to be inspected in a schedule check of fire alarm system. Let’s take a look at those components but do bear in mind it’s not just restricted to these components.

  1. Battery backups
  2. Smoke detectors
  3. Detectors for fire in ducts system
  4. Sub panels
  5. Annunciator panels
  6. Manual alarm pull locations
  7. Main alarm panel
  8. Alert mechanism e-g horns and strobes

Surrounding environment of fire alarm system

One of the most important factors that contribute to life of a fire alarm is its surrounding environment for example a smoke detector will last longer if its surrounding environment is pristine but if the surrounding environment has a lot of dust or dirt it might not last that long.

Another factor that can contribute in affecting fire alarm system is the frequent operation of system which can have its impact not only on sensors like smoke sensors life but can also reduce volume and may result in weak brightness.

So as a general rule every firm alarm component and the overall system must be inspected on annual basis while a complete overhaul must be done in 10 years. If a fire and safety company follow all these guidelines they will be able to tackle any threat in fire emergency situation.

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